Technology and Platforms

Learning and professional development should be a comprehensive and rewarding experience, one which is defined by intuitive interaction and software working harmoniously together.

The ‘AV22 Unique Digital Platform’

The internet has enabled progression in the way education is offered, making information more readily accessible to a wider audience and attracting millions of users from all over the world.

Av22 has analysed and evaluated  current educational digital platforms. Our aim was to offer a totally flexible solution which can be used to enhance an existing platform or select from  cutting edge technology to improve the experience of the learner.

We have taken a step back and explored  modern day adaptive tools and took the decision to develop a totally integrated solution, which is built on a best of breed online patented digital platform.

Additional Functionality

We understand that universities and learning provides may already have a platform, Such as Moodle and Blackboard. Whilst we have formed our own unique platform which is in itself a stand alone offering. Due to the nature of it’s flexibility, all of the tools and functionality can be layered onto existing systems, allowing learning providers to use an established platform, but adding value with the latest technology.

Fully Integrated System

To date a complete comprehensive distance learning that mirrors a physical course has never before been provided at any time to anyone anywhere in the world. It is only now AV22 can enable this vision to be properly realised through our unique online patented technology.

Greater Engagement for Learners

This offers much greater engagement with all types of learners offering flexible study options, where the platform is working 24/7 and constantly updated with the latest technology. Live lectures and workshops are captured once and replayed many times at no extra cost to the learning provider, increasing the value of the lecturer or trainer.

Students can replay teaching sessions and understand complexity at their own pace using the latest technology and tools they are familiar with. For example live Webex tutorials and Dropbox  are tools in everyday use. This makes it really easy to use and sharing and exploring new ideas are all part of the way people communicate on a daily basis.

This  increases  engagement, improving the experience as it is interactive, easy to share, access and develop. This helps to build the reputation of the University and  learning providers, such as Professional Bodies, improving its position in the league tables and for Professional Bodies  building the relationship with members