Digital marketing and recruitment is important as we live in an inter connected age. With  thousands of internet searches taking place every minute.  Increasing competition  requires cutting edge expertise to understand how to attract the attention of 1000’s of students, to maximise revenue.

Sharing, self developed content and the growth of on demand video is today’s digital world. A video can go viral in a matter of hours, creating hundreds of brand advocates for successful campaigns.  Developing that campaign, engaging and interacting is the shape of digital marketing with fun, modern tools to excite and create  interest for your organisation.

This is all built on sound principles of developing the brand, targeting the user, positioning the organisation and creating a great value proposition. Being constantly connected requires research to understand the most effective tools.  The ones that effectively reach, engage and deliver insights to understand ever changing behaviour and digital marketing tools.

Digital trends are currently for semantic search, customised content and the ability to build a relationship with an ever more discerning student/ learner.

Digital Marketing Expertise 

From SEO, PPC, content, algorithms, cookies, videos, social media, AV22 has it all covered

In one second Google alone will process 40,000 searches and is constantly growing.

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month
Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth
100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

At AV22 we have the cutting edge expertise to build a tailored and innovative digital marketing campaign for your organisation, to drive business using the latest tools and techniques.

AV22 provides an extensive range of services for the marketing, recruitment and positioning of UK branded courses. Securing both domestic and international students and members for Professional Bodies, from over 90 countries.

Effectively marketing brands and courses whilst maintaining their high profile is essential in order to retain and gain value in this rapidly evolving distance learning market. The number of students worldwide looking to advance their higher education via online mechanisms is an ever-expanding and increasing market, and last year alone exceeded 9 million.

AV22’s ability to market courses with numerous world leading houses and online marketing partners, puts any course and brand in the strongest possible position in order to gain effective international visibility.

A uniquely wide spread of marketing avenues lead by experienced professionals in each segment, helps ensure AV22 has the global power, reach and channels to be able to secure 10,000s of new students and members for UK  institutions. In all aspects of AV22’s business and partners we remain conscious of our own internal ethics and tightly control the Reputations and Risk Management of all partners.

AV22’s primary areas of marketing focus are driven through:-

•Digital Media Campaigns

• Search Engine Optimisation

• Public Relations/ Media Coverage