AV22 Ltd is a two year old rapidly developing company founded by Chairman, Professor Sir Christopher Evans OBE.

It offers an innovative approach to solve modern day economic challenges that face educational  institutions, professional bodies and corporate clients.  AV22 builds a partnership with clients to create online distance learning courses, implement marketing campaigns and fund the development.

AV22 has developed a wide range of services for educational and corporate markets.  Focusing on the ever expanding online market, tailored short courses  and  delivering education to the international market

If you are an institution that desires to enter the online/distance learning market (est. worth 2bn by YE2015) with new courses. Then we provide a full turn key service to enable institutions to achieve this objective. There are institutions in the U.S who deliver distance learning courses, and earn between $5-$100m per annum. This capitalisation of the distance learning market can be achieved similarly in the UK, and this growth is already becoming a reality in certain UK institutions. The success in this market is determined by the effective ability to build, deliver and market highly demanded courses.

AV22 has invested in, and focuses on, three main areas for educational and corporate clients:

Marketing and Recruitment

Digital Learning Platform and Technology

Investment Opportunities

 What do we offer?

Expertise over many years in developing businesses, with access to funding from £50k to £1m per project.  Myriads of key industry connections, understanding of  the education sector, expertise in marketing and innovative technology.  This creates a total full turn key solution and allows organisations to  focus on delivering their expertise.  AV22 has the ability to provide substantial financial backing and specialist expertise to enable  institutions to prosper.

In addition, AV22 has uniquely brought together some of the leading international educational companies, each with excellent experience and track records in the higher education space. All companies in the Consortium bring something special – individually and collectively . Led by Professor Sir Christopher Evans.

The ‘AV22 Consortium’ is the worlds first educational Consortium of it’s kind with an enormous depth and breadth of experience, with high volume, scalability of operations and skill sets. We are proud to have  developed the ‘AV22 Consortium’ as it constantly grows in size and international reach.

To date, AV22 is engaged with numerous leading UK universities, whilst constantly developing extensive networks and connections within this industry, and currently acts as a principle online advisor to multiple educational establishments.

AV22 is fully funded by Sir Chris and other business leaders. The full fiscal management of AV22 is managed by partner company Excalibur Group holdings who are FCA approved and handle funds in excess of $2 billion per annum. Excalibur and AV22’s headquarters is in central London at Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London, W1J 6BD.