About You

If you are involved in education or training in the public or private sector, then AV22 has a compelling offer to improve the performance of your organisation.  We tailor our services to provide a bespoke solution for your specific needs.


We are able, via our specialism in marketing and especially digital and mobile marketing to access potential students. In addition accessing our extensive network of corporate clients to provide short courses and increase revenue from the lucrative CPD market.  We also offer the opportunity to enhance the student experience via modern mobile technology. We are the first organisation to offer a fully automated best in class lecture capture system.  Once  lectures are captured they are available 24/7. Students can access anywhere any time and it is an effective way of reaching new and additional students who would pay for access to these lectures.

Professional Bodies such as Chartered Institutes. AV22 can enhance the experience of studying members and qualified professional members via our innovative technology. This improves engagement and retention of members. It helps to target specific learners and increase the reach globally to recruit new students and members.  Our digital marketing specialists with cutting edge expertise, can target potential students for short courses and also to link into our extensive network of corporate businesses.

Trade Associations where professionals complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to understand the latest developments in their industry. AV22 technology and our ability to use the latest digital tools enhances the experience of the trade professional to ensure compliance with the latest regulations  in their profession. It is time efficient for the busy professional and acts as a resource bank for reference.

Corporate Businesses with the AV22 network of corporate businesses you can share practice in the fast moving business environment.  Access to the latest research in the University sector via our partners, for short courses. This is key to the development and sharing of expertise. In addition to access graduates and interns for recruitment. Use of the latest technology can not only reduce costs but help to engage with staff as part of attracting and retaining talented and innovative people.

With this expertise and latest technology AV22 is your partner for the future