Professor Sir Christopher Evans OBE – Chairman

DSc, PhD, BSc, ARCS, F.Med.Sci, FR Eng, FRSC, FRSA, BIBiol, FIOM, CCMI, C.Biol., CSci, C.Chem


Regarded as Europe’s leading biotechnology entrepreneur, Sir Chris has a reputation as a pioneering and inspirational leader, a highly creative and innovative scientist with great commercial acumen and a very successful businessman, having built over £5 billion of new companies from scratch. In addition to being a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur, he holds several Professorships, 12 Doctor of Science degrees and over 100 scientific publications and patents on his scientific work.

“I feel very privileged to have been taught in the UK’s first-class higher education system for several years. This excellent grounding enabled me to build new technology companies from exciting University Intellectual Property for over 25 years. Recently I have become increasingly fascinated by the enormous potential of high quality online education. As universities all begin to fully embrace the digital age of the 21st Century, the quality and reach of higher education will only get better and better. I have teamed up with a group of young, smart entrepreneurs where we have developed some exciting intellectual property of our own to introduce into universities to help them capture their high quality education and distribute it effectively online to a large volume of international distance students. These are very exciting times to be in higher education and I am glad to still be part of it all.”